Paintings and Digital Art Commissions


'Interlude' (Siouxsie & Morissey)  8"x8" on panel. 2017 

Figures can be altered to represent your physical characteristics, or that of a loved one or celebrity.

Paintings and digital drawings on panel may take several weeks in order to collaborate and plan the project via email or phone. Paintings and digital figures can be altered to represent you, a loved one or celebrity. Prices may increase depending on the number of painted figures per artwork. Artist retains rights to the image, not the physical work of art.


Current Prices

8"x8" Painting $175. 

12"x12" Painting $200.

18"x18" Painting $250.

24"x24" Painting $325.


12"x12" Paste-Up $150.


Shipping prices not included.




'Forever Young & 'Puppy Love' Paste-Up on painted & collaged 12"x12" panel.  

Hair and clothing color, as well as objects held in hands, can be changed to suit your needs.