When we were very young, everything was exciting and new. We lived in a state of wonder, confidence and power. And, we saw people for who they were, plain and simple.

Then, values were instilled in us, for better or for worse. Whether we are taught to value material goods, for example, or have respect and understanding for those that are different from us, depends on our upbringing. Media, such as television, films, and the Internet also influences and reinforces social norms.

When children are playing with toys, they're acting out and recreating the values they have learned. Action figures and dolls are engage in dialogue with each other, as the child makes sense of the world they were born into. It's the earliest form of storytelling, which, continues when children draw. Narratives form with each line put down on paper.

My artwork embraces the person we were as a child. Sometimes, my art work is a harsh mirror of our society. Most of the time, it lives somewhere in the middle. 

And perhaps my work may allow people to tap into their own sense of wonder and the power somewhere inside of them.