When children play with toys, they're recreating the values they have learned from their parents, teachers and the media. Action figures and dolls role play present day social norms, their ongoing dialogue furthers the developing plot within the child’s mind. It is an early form of storytelling. 


Children’s drawings are yet another form of storytelling, where the plot develops as fast as the child can draw the characters within the setting. It’s a visual narrative, consisting of lines on paper that doesn’t end until the drawing is complete, or the child runs out of energy.


My artwork merges these two ideas with drawings, paintings, prints and collages of toys, most of them LEGO minifugres. Outlined images of walking figures, such as one wearing a blue suit and grey hair holding a popsicle, almost function like company logos, where the concept lies within it’s simplification. Yet whereas the meaning may seem tangible, the blank yellow faces of these minifigures defy a definitive identity.